Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was browsing through my online photo album and ran across a few cars I built between 2006-2009

My red coupe

My 95 Red Integra w/ JDM frontend conversion

My 98 Black GSR

My white coupe- so quick

My Black s14

Each project is an accomplishment when complete.

Last piece of the puzzle

To complete the last piece of the puzzle I visited Jon at Future Fab yesterday.

Jon made the bracket which holds the increased spark of the Ls2 coil packs.

Definitely better than using the stock distributor. Hopefully the next update will include pics of the s14 on the road.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time to go ridin

Up date on the car is there is no update... Still waiting my turn in line to be tuned things have been so busy at the Dyno shop. I have witnessed how busy they have been. My turn is this week- Yay - now that's an update!

Once the car is drivable the actual fun begins! Must fine the right stance for comfort and performance, time for repaint, and fix all the possible problems that come with building a car from scratch inside of your garage. Looking forward to driving the most.

I got tired of not going fast in any form, obviously you need to keep it off the streets and without a car I have not made any track events.

So I bought a quad.

Honda 400ex

So today Brian and I decided it was time to go riding. I was a blast and now I can't wait to drive my car even more. Speed must have triggered the void I've been feeling for 8 months now... Soon though.