Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where to begin?.....

Life has left no time for personal pursuits other than the random dinner parities and barbecues after 5 long 18 hour days of work and grind mode. Crazy how we work so much for only 2 days off to ourselves but such is life right?!?!

Recently the focus has been on moving each car further to the next stage from the track car tuning issues to the street car and then the 510.... You can say it but I've already heard it 1000 times over..."you have too much going on" Well yes, maybe if you add it all up but in individual projects it's not that bad.

The issue is when you begin to trust or rely on others to pitch in... There are some really good quotes out there. One that comes to mind is, "If you want it done right, Do it yourself!" Talk about decreasing stress!!! Do it yourself, lesson learned.

Regarding the five ten, I had purchased the blaster and sand to get the car blasted before we start full blown prep work. I assumed it would be ok to leave the blasting portion in the hands of an acquaintance since he has much time. Well should I say we are currently a month behind schedule....

At the same time I should have taken note to the quote mention above :)

Currently we have the 510 fully stripped; every wire, nut, bolt, glass, door etc. Removed all sound deadening now fully prepped for blasting, primer, stitch welding, cage, and then body work.

The five ten is not assembled but surly parts are coming together, it will take time for sure...

Items owned

S13 sr20det
BorgWarner 62/58 efr
Custom engine harness - from - Appreciated
Custom 20 circuit chassis painless wiring harness
300z rearend (over kill yes, but why not)
Rear disk brakes with working ebrake (need to set up cable)
B210 brake booster and bracket
280zx from brake upgrade

Items needed

Stand-a-lone ecu
750cc injectors
custom axles
modified driveshaft
Greddy style intake manifold
turbo manifold
custom mounts
new brake lines
new fuel lines
modify fuel cell
hand ebrake
front windshield
front coilovers
rear  coilovers
aftermarket tension rods
aftermarket lower control arms
aftermarket outter tie rods
aftermarket bump steerspacer
modified drag link
steering box brace
accelerator cable

just to name a few, I'm likely missing some parts but you get the point.

Additional work includes; soda blasting and tons of man hours on paint and body.

There really is so much that goes into a build and that is why most 510's are never finished or at least the state I reside in. I'm looking forward to seeing much progress in the 510 over the next few weeks to a month.

This weekend I'll be repainting the street car, potentially figure out the subframe mount location for the 510, and re-wiring the track car for tuning. I will update the process in the mean time here's the current progress of the 510.