Sunday, November 28, 2010

Side note...

Little Thanksgiving fun with the boys.

Went riding Thursday and returned with missing skin... O_o

Nothing like the great out doors!


Finally found some time with this last weekend to work on the s14.

Drove down to Dysart and I-10 to get the alignment special.

By the way this is the only shop I trust with my wheels even though the building is yellow. Ask for DoeBoy or Cain, other shops have turned their backs when in bring in my double sided 19 chrome wheels. One manager said I never seen a tire like this, "how in the world did they make it stretch".

Only trust Llantera LLamas

Any who car sits pretty now waiting a gangster pull (fender roll)

Started with outrageous toe and -4.5 degrees of camber on one rear wheel while the other sat at -3.5

Very content with adjustment; running 265/35 on 18x10+15 with -.5 degrees of camber.