Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weekend warrior

Economy sucks

Gas Prices are high

Daily driving great distance

So I did the math and realize my 6.0 Chevy 2500 is not the best vehicle for daily driving especially using premium gas... O_o

In preparation for a productive New Year spending less on unnecessary expenses I acquired the Honda civic. From 13 miles per gallon to 35 miles per gallon... The civic will do the trick.

Civic used strictly for daily driving, being the #1 stolen car in America I had to add security features. In addition I couldn’t roll the bucket in its stock condition. She's showing signs of aging.

Decided a facelift is needed to improve her self-esteem.

Saturday spent time sanding, sanding, wet sanding, and more sanding.

With progress made I was able to mask off and spray Monday night.

Facelift complete ready to roll.

Track Car waiting its turn...
Need to finish glassing inner fender panels and minor body work first

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movin on to Paint (100% GARAGE BUILT)

Over the last two weekends Ralph and I have been working through the "prep" process of the track car. Though it may one day see a wall among other possibilities, we like to ride in style. Putting forth a little extra work now will definitely pay off later.

Moving on toward paint; interior and engine bay were both primered last Saturday, this Saturday the interior was ready for paint. The color for the interior and exterior were Purchased from ADCO ( located at 67th Ave and Orange wood Ave (623 842-4470).

Always use ADCO; the family owned business has proven helpful countless times. I'm no body expert so any advice they give is golden in my book.

Purchased new paint guns, da sander, paint, and materials. Building a car is not cheap!!!

New spray guns are more accurate and lay paint maybe ten times better than the Harbor freight ones we started with. - live and learn

With a little more body work to go and over fenders to order tomorrow the exterior should be ready to paint next weekend.

excuse the crappy "G1" cell phone pics; I know I'm overdue for an upgrade

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hittin the streets

Karlo, Damin, and I cruised the streets tonight just to enjoy the weather.

What other state offers 90degree weather mid-day December and 80degrees at night; only Arizona.

Few quick pics

Monday, December 6, 2010

Track Car on the way....

This weekend Dionte and I spent time working on our track car; 95 240sx slick top.
Finally time to finish the body work and move on to paint.
Thanks to Ralph at RJ's(602-487-5410)for helping shave the engine bay.