Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weekend warrior

Economy sucks

Gas Prices are high

Daily driving great distance

So I did the math and realize my 6.0 Chevy 2500 is not the best vehicle for daily driving especially using premium gas... O_o

In preparation for a productive New Year spending less on unnecessary expenses I acquired the Honda civic. From 13 miles per gallon to 35 miles per gallon... The civic will do the trick.

Civic used strictly for daily driving, being the #1 stolen car in America I had to add security features. In addition I couldn’t roll the bucket in its stock condition. She's showing signs of aging.

Decided a facelift is needed to improve her self-esteem.

Saturday spent time sanding, sanding, wet sanding, and more sanding.

With progress made I was able to mask off and spray Monday night.

Facelift complete ready to roll.

Track Car waiting its turn...
Need to finish glassing inner fender panels and minor body work first

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movin on to Paint (100% GARAGE BUILT)

Over the last two weekends Ralph and I have been working through the "prep" process of the track car. Though it may one day see a wall among other possibilities, we like to ride in style. Putting forth a little extra work now will definitely pay off later.

Moving on toward paint; interior and engine bay were both primered last Saturday, this Saturday the interior was ready for paint. The color for the interior and exterior were Purchased from ADCO ( located at 67th Ave and Orange wood Ave (623 842-4470).

Always use ADCO; the family owned business has proven helpful countless times. I'm no body expert so any advice they give is golden in my book.

Purchased new paint guns, da sander, paint, and materials. Building a car is not cheap!!!

New spray guns are more accurate and lay paint maybe ten times better than the Harbor freight ones we started with. - live and learn

With a little more body work to go and over fenders to order tomorrow the exterior should be ready to paint next weekend.

excuse the crappy "G1" cell phone pics; I know I'm overdue for an upgrade

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hittin the streets

Karlo, Damin, and I cruised the streets tonight just to enjoy the weather.

What other state offers 90degree weather mid-day December and 80degrees at night; only Arizona.

Few quick pics

Monday, December 6, 2010

Track Car on the way....

This weekend Dionte and I spent time working on our track car; 95 240sx slick top.
Finally time to finish the body work and move on to paint.
Thanks to Ralph at RJ's(602-487-5410)for helping shave the engine bay.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Side note...

Little Thanksgiving fun with the boys.

Went riding Thursday and returned with missing skin... O_o

Nothing like the great out doors!


Finally found some time with this last weekend to work on the s14.

Drove down to Dysart and I-10 to get the alignment special.

By the way this is the only shop I trust with my wheels even though the building is yellow. Ask for DoeBoy or Cain, other shops have turned their backs when in bring in my double sided 19 chrome wheels. One manager said I never seen a tire like this, "how in the world did they make it stretch".

Only trust Llantera LLamas

Any who car sits pretty now waiting a gangster pull (fender roll)

Started with outrageous toe and -4.5 degrees of camber on one rear wheel while the other sat at -3.5

Very content with adjustment; running 265/35 on 18x10+15 with -.5 degrees of camber.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


spent the morning preping the cage for paint. Not bad for two dollar cans of primer and Arizona heat to bake it.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A day to do work....

Ran around all day starting at 8am though plans were to begin working on the track car early in the morning. Either way progress was in order this weekend, from yard work to driving all over town to prep for paint with the track car.

Today I focused on body prep; I had planned to primer the car to allow plenty time to wet sand once again before paint. Obviously that did not happen.

Previously I should have premiered my caged as soon as it was purchased from Full-Race. However that was not the case, but you live and learn. To clean the surface rust created from the rainy season I purchased scotch brite. I used the same method on the cage of soapy water and scotch brite as prepping the exterior of the car.

Much thanks to my buddy Karlo who helped with the entire meticulous task completed today.

After almost two years of sitting on the shell it feels good to see everything coming together...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back together

Last weekend we were honored by a visit from Brad and Mr. Teddy Phuthanhdanh ( to bring the Top Flight,AZ family back together again. What started out as a beautiful 80 degree sunshine and blue skies Saturday, ended with a 3 hour brunch hugs and high fives.

"Takin it back old school"

TF Boys rallied together Saturday at the Fire Bird Raceway to support local drivers in competition at the XDC-Xtreme Drift Circuit Phx,AZ. That is after a couple issues *cough* brad still running ka trying to pass emissions... *cough*

We all made it to the track; the lay out was very nice. Better than XDC Vegas with this super long high speed high power entry which reminded all of Red Bull World Championship at Port of Long Beach a year or two ago. I believe the entry speed topped out at 104 miles per hour at full lock! crazy fast.

At XDC Mike Burns, Joe Haven, and Vitaly Sopkin all repped Arizona to the fullest bringing heat Friday and Saturday: way to go! There were MANY fast cars on the track and some upsets to say the least concluding the event.

In all a beautiful weekend with enough tire smoke to motiviate Raymond to wrench on his car.

video found online (sick find bradd)

XDC Round 6 Finals-Phoenix, AZ from Corey Denomy on Vimeo.


Breakfast with the team.... Must repeat as soon as possible.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

back in the driver seat

quick update- sr swap was successful- currently running- need to find money and time to tune- local event less than a week away

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Follow up

Started the track car build long ago and has been on the back burner ever since.

This is the Do Work month!

Track car is out of storage, back home, and ready to ride.

2 weeks ago i stay up till 2am with scotchbrite lightly sanding the roll cage to get the surface rust from our famous monsoon season.

car as pictured two weeks ago; this week ill be working on shaving the bay and preping for paint.

Plans for the track car is to keep it simple; sr20,t28,tuning,oem aero,suspension,wheels,seat time!

will update....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Prodigy continues....

The time has come for the marvelous 73 to be passed down to the next generation.

well maybe not but I am incharge of the full restoration.

My uncles has own, built, and loved his truck for nearly 40 years.

One last request is to drive the 800hp beast one more time.

Micky Thompson street/strips tires, deep dish wheels, for 9" w/510 gears, and the huge 400 block punched is quite the beast.

Truck has had many glory days on the streets and it is time to make it happen agian!

I'll try to update the restoration/build as much as possible but this will be a long one. Much body, paint, and clean up is needed.

Here she is...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Heart transplant

Finally decided to put the infamous sr to use so to prep the s13 sr I decided a few upgrades should be ordered;

ARP head studs
APEXI metal head gasket
S14 water pump
pilot bushing

Finally found some time to clean exterior of sr, reassemble oil pans w/new sealant, attach brackets and accessories, install head gasket, have Efrain set timing, add clutch kit, and tranny.

Friday, August 20, 2010

KA, SR, LS1....

It's not that the ka-t was not fun, not the case at all. The process/cost of building a ka-t is not worth the investment of value or time you put into the 2.4 truck motor when compared to similar markets in my opinion.

No matter how you look at it the SR20DET is the new B-series as well the Ls1 swap is the new K-series.

You have your loyalist to a certain motor or style but in all reality technology continues to advance and there are so many ways to make the power you desire with the power band you want by spending a little more on a motor designed to perform the way you want it to factory.

Where does the ka sit?..... Somewhere around the d-series motor.....

It's not that it can't be done, it's not something new either, it's that most people realize they will have to put more time, money, and heartache compare to purchasing a better designed motorset.

Granted you can boost a ka24de or d-series motor for cheap, using cheap eBay kits, which last in some cases and pop on the first run in others.

For those people just remember you get what you pay for.....

SR20's comparable to B series as the enthusiast market is flooded with parts as well as tech write-ups and downloadable DIY information. Not to mention both motors can willingly rev higher rpm's then their rivals. One huge plus for those seeking higher horse power or different powerbands compared to stock.

Upgrading to the Ls1 or K-series will cost money, similar to when B-series swaps were first introduced into the US market. At the same time more enthusiast are realizing the power, potential, and simplicity of reaching their goals when upgrading to either motor.

The issue is 100% opinion based!

You may want a stock SR swap and AC for your daily.
You may want a B-series turbo and AC for your daily.
You may desire twice the horse power of either stock swap, if so you may end up paying close to $7500 in aftermarket parts to reach your goal and that does not include building the motor internally.

Some who have been "in the game" sort a-speak and have spent time, effort, and their annual income building and maintain their cars have realize the cost effectiveness of purchasing a well-built/better performing stock motor from start.

If you plan on adding highly esteemed upgrades to your B-series or SR swap you will more than likely end up paying nearly the same amount for a stock K-series or Ls1 into your import.

It's all about preference and availability of funds.

TO EACH HIS OWN... whatever you so desire I wish you the best.


If its Cheap and fast it's not reliable
If its Fast and reliable it's not cheap
If its Reliable and cheap it's not fast

- D.P.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WHAT Happened?!?!?!?!.......

Every builder is excited about the build process and nothing ever goes as planned, understandable. However that does not mean a build process that should only take 1-2months should actually take 8-10 months. Time can definitely kill your interest in a project. I wanted to try something new and I did. Each step in the process that was to be completed by someone other than myself took a significant amount of time.

In fact my car would sit around for months at a time without being worked on. Anyway as the process began to fall closer to the end a little excitement came back.

Fast forward.

Car is complete, running but working out issues.

I removed the car from the tuner's shop after only one dyno pull to fix the voltage issue which limited efficiency.

Once the voltage issue was fixed the car drove fine! Full boost of 7psi at 3500 rpm 300hp on super duper base tune. Plenty room to grow.

Ka-T, 3076, ARP head studs, Felpro head gasket, Precision 1000cc injectors, Map senor, Wideband, and stand alone management.

Car had plenty room to grow.

Driving around Saturday at full boost any chance I got was the funniest part of the build.

Until it blew.....

Tial 44mm waist gate- a vacuum line backed out therefore boosting the psi to 20lbs.

Fixed the waist gate and two runs later car died and would not start.

At that point I became upset with the total downtime of the build; I was not 100% happy with the build assuming the custom fabrication I purchased should have been better quality for the amount I paid. Mixed emotions

That night I posted the motor set up for sale, the next day I disassembled the motor and pulled it from the car.

As much money spent on the simple setup I figured I could have built the car in the direction I originally intended to.

Parts sold, cash in hand, new build begins....

Car will be running in less than 4 weeks guaranteed.

To be continued……

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quick update

Building cars suck!

Nothing ever happens on time.

One of these days I will drive I guarantee it.

- All jokes aside just waiting on tuner to return home and bang we're golden.

Friday, July 9, 2010

1 step away...

Sorry for the lack of pictures.. been running directly from work to the shop to finish up the car.

Car starts but had a few issues we had to figure out-

  • power cable gauge is too small for necessary current

  • intake manifold gaskets failed

  • wastegate was wide open-missing fire ring

Ordered new 5mm heat releaving itm gasket from should be in mid next week and reassemble to test and tune.

Just one step away.

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