Monday, September 26, 2011

Home stretch..

If you have never been in a situation being overwhelmingly occupied with balancing many priorities at once you may not have realized the importance on friends and or acquaintances.

Trying to build two cars at the same time as well as manage work, school, family, and friends can be quite the task.

When short for time especially during a build all the little things add up. Personally I feel both cars should have been completed months ago.

Oh I must add the unnecessary stress such as relying on unreliable people is definitely a set back and detrimental to the progress of the build. Fortunately but unfortunately my progress set backs are always due to one person/progress of the build; paint and body.

The track car should have been painted two years ago after the paint job was purchased in full, however I have been dealing with the horrible business ethics or the lack thereof from one individual.

Jump up to speed many headaches and evil thoughts later work is finally being done. I'm apologetic for the lack of updates for those who follow, but I promise the progress of both cars seem to be nearing the completing stages.

September 17 ended the drift season here locally in Arizona, so this means I have some time to finish the car and make it track ready. However, I missed two entire seasons since I began the build of the track car.

If there is anything you listen to as an inspiring driver never replace track time with down time if not necessary.

Having an awesome looking car will NOT make you a better driver!

Being 25 I feel this quarter century has taught me a lot!!!

Being human we are known for learning from our individual mistakes, situations, etc. I'm now a firm believer in the lack of effort put forth by the government and educational entities to assist today's youth in understanding the importance in the decisions made after graduating high school, but that is another debate all in itself.

Long story short I have learned from many mistakes over the past 8 years, but PROGRESS continues.

The street car remains torn down with the door-jams, trunk already painted. This weekend the exterior of the car should see its first coat of paint. The weekend after will begin the cut and buff stage. Then finally the car will return home for the installation process.

The motor to the street car has been prepped and is ready for install. With a new competition clutch kit, resurfaced fly wheel, and transmission the transplant should make some fun street driving. That makes me think of an issue I read in one of my subscribed car magazines this week. The guy builds his 98 Nissan not to drift or drag but as his ideal of the perfect street car. For my street car if feel the same way a balance of performance, handling, and oem accessories is the ultimate driving experience.

So yes the motor for the street car is ready! I had a definite plan for brakes, however the plan is not working as planned so I'm researching alternative big brake kits and will decide when I have enough money to purchase one.

On to the track car, I finally put some time in and prepared the engine bay for the install of the transplant. I updated the engine bay with an awesome power by Maxx intercooler kit, brake line delete kit, power steering cooler system, and possible an oil cooling system as well but we'll see. We always manage to find ways to dump unnecessary money into these cars we build for the love of the sport whether it's the competition, adrenaline, or a tactic to combat the OCD.... It doesn't matter why it just feels good to create something you can call your own.

As for the motor of the track car it too has been updated with a new competition clutch kit which I hope will hold up for the abusive driving... they say it will but for how long I do not know. Everyone has their own opinions based off their experience so this will be my experience and I'll write reviews once tested. With the clutch upgrade and transmission upgrade it only makes sense to replace all the OEM parts that are known for wearing out so this week the throw-out release bearing should arrive to complete the list of required parts. Then the install happens hopefully Saturday.

Back to the main purpose of this rant I would like to thank all those who have made the little things that add up manageable!

Seriously you have no idea how important the little items are in such an extensive, intensive, and time consuming build.


Thank you Ralph @ RJ's Auto for all the help offered.
Thank you Efrian @ Suspicious Garage for the list of help and advice too long to pen.
Thank you Patrick for the late night advice while all others are fast asleep or drunk.
Huge Thanks to my partner Dan @ Boost Junkyz for all the welding and making turbo'd dreams possible again and again and again..... Thx
And (TF) TeamTopFlight for all the support and encouragement to Get err Done...

Now for pics of the said progress report...