Saturday, April 25, 2009


Friday nights have been recreated.....



Thanks to the Bartender



Ah yes... The Food Yum



Room was full of flavor


If you want to enjoy your first time at AH SO make it a Friday, such as I did.

You wont be let down!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Nova You've been waited for... ATTENTION to DETAIL

First off I'd like to apologize to all of you who check the blog regularly.
We can all agree that for some reason this last week has flown by oh so fast.

Needless to say I may be traveling to document upcoming events in the month of May such as; eibach, royal flush meet, and possibly D1. Of course, things may come up but so far the all trips are on the schedule book.

Back to the subject at hand!

Sunday afternoon I was supposed to go hang out with a few friends, but I was running late.
Running late is not something I plan to do but some how happens often.
Well if running late couldn't be anymore perfect this last Sunday I don't know what could. Thank goodness for my screwed up sense of time.

As I pull up to my main street to make a right turn I look left to make sure I am clear to go. I see the cars coming are about half a mile away, I start to merge right but right before I do I take one more look to the left as something bright caught my eye.

As I focus my attention I see not one but two beautiful muscle cars heading east toward my direction. As they passed the sight became even more glorious. The first car looked to be a 69 Camaro and the second, yes you guessed it "The Nova You've been waiting for"...

It may seem a little stockerish but I could not miss the opportunity. As the two cars passed me I quickly made a right turn to get a better look at them. Surprisingly they turn into the housing development half mile away.

So what do I do... Yes :) followed

Now if I were either of these guys I would not go home but lose the geek obviously following us down the street. And that is exactly what I thought they did.

Quarter mile down the street both cars turn in the opposite direction. So I thought to myself; left or right.

Being that the right turn is more natural and the direction of the bright colored Nova, that was the turn I took.

As the driver noticed I was obviously following him he pulled over. I quickly as him if I could take just a few pictures of his car. Weather freaked out or not he said yes.

He even asked where, I told him at the park down the street. He agreed, but as we started to drive away he pulled over again. He said "I'll meet you there". Now I didn't know what to think. He seem genuine so I drove to the park anyway.

At this time it had to be 95 degrees outside as I stood outside my vehicle waiting for the Nova to show.

Finally he does!


Introduction to this historic beauty is not necessary, possibly because the words would not come together, you be the judge.

See one would share my enthusiasm if you grew up loving the raw "muscle" tone and bulging beauty of these historic American cars.

Jr (Nova owner) and I spent more time together than either of us had planned. Though I wish we could have hung out more, there will be more fun days to come.

Jr is the second owner of the original Arizona car, where it was first purchased from is not hard to find.


The item that threw me off was the top.

According to Super; "The 1972 and 1973 were the only years the sky roof was available in the Nova line..Out of a total of 349,733 Novas built in 1972, only 6,822 units received the sky roof option. To say it is rare is and understatement, especially one that is intact and operational."

So yes; when I noticed the sky roof I was blown away.


If it's not candy paint then its painted jet black, if its not jet black its chrome.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words...

Since a thousand words can't describe the time, effort, and money put into Jr.'s Nova, enjoy the pics.









Thank you for taking the time to share your car with us Jr.




Monday, April 20, 2009

Public address...

Humor: is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement. The majority of people are able to be amused, to laugh or smile at something funny, and thus they are considered to have a "sense of humor."

Anonymous may refer to: Anonymity, a person whose name and other personally identifiable information is not known.

With that being said yesterday I received the following "Anonymous" comment;

"Your really running out of things to put on this site arent you?"

To reply to the "anonymous" viewer; the slightest bit of the above mentioned "sense of humor" one might see the lighter things in life. You might laugh now and then, seeing that life is not all business but you can enjoy fun and games here or there.

Oh I forgot to mention; this is a free site that creates zero income. All in fun, time taken out of my day, and just a hobby.

Live a little you may catch yourself laughing now and again.

For the rest of you stay tuned.... Today I stumbled over the sickest Nova in Arizona.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fast and Furious

Another day goes by and we are still searching for the perfect HD camcorder.

The last stop of the day was Ultimate electronics; that's where we caught up with this hidden talent here locally in Arizona.

One of the original Fast and Furious extras...

We weren't able to identify the owner, but we hope to run in to him at a later date.





Stay tuned as we search for the owner and document his full experience of one the most influential car movies to sweep through the USA.

To be continued....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Insomnia Project s14 Blog 1

Ever have one of those nights were no matter what you do you can’t sleep...

Tonight I had experienced my first case of insomnia.

For those who actually have the disease, I highly doubt it's because they can't stop thinking about cars such as I.

Not just cars in general, but that next project car- you know.

You have so many plans; "I'm going to do this differently this time, I'm going to spend money in these particular areas, I'm going to focus here, I have to write, re-write, and write my parts list again".....

It goes on and on; for some of us at least.

With so much anticipation we just can't sleep sometimes. I even thought a breakfast burrito at 2am would make me tired so I could fall asleep...
Didn't happen, it was good though.

The project car I'm referring to is project S14 (duh duh dunnnnnn)

Yes; a new project car with a purpose!

The only problem is once the main purpose for the build is decided on I read/review another article, or chat with another builder, or think of more options that just run ramped through my head all day and night; leaving me here.... Blogging at 3:30 in the morning. =(

So; the car I've decide on is a 1995 Nissan 240sx.
My previous 240sx had a few upgraded items when I first purchased it.
So this build here is ALL MINES! From start to finish... What and accomplish that will be once complete.

I'm trying to teach myself patience for the betterment of the build, but I want to drive oh so bad.

This 240sx caught my eye as it was 100% stock. Not a scratch on the undercarriage, no bends on the frame rails, no random holes cut in the fire wall. 100% stock!

I did not mind the motor (KADE) being blown as I knew I would be swapping it any way.

Did I mention it is and Auto =)

How much "Drifting" or damage could one do to an auto?.... hopefully not that much.

This one seems to be in the exact condition I was looking for as a "Project car."

I believe I've purchased the s14 aka "14" almost 8-10 months ago. I don't remember exactly because she has been resting for a while now.

108k on the chassi

Clean interior(minus seat color)



However; the very first week she arrived to my house we got acquainted. I tore into her ripping out all her insides with no remorse.

Motor removed, all interior removed, all exterior body panels removed, and wiring harnesses removed. Leaving a bare naked shell.

(items removed)




Bare naked Lady


The project was put on hold because I was very close to the completion of my s13 (banner).

Though one opportunity raised and I took it without thinking twice.

During the winter months I had the opportunity to have my s14 caged at Full Race while business was slowing down during the cold season. I knew from day one exactly how I wanted the cage to be so I jumped on the opportunity.

I called a few of the guys and let them know about the situation; one thing we need though before arriving was dry ice. In order to remove the stock sound deadening we needed to pick up dry ice to speed up the caging process.

Funny thing is when ever you need some thing no one has it! Four stores later we finally located dry ice at Fry's off 75th and Thomas fyi.

A hour behind and it was already dark, but the night had just begun. A few hours later, numerous jokes, a lot of learning, and a few bruised knuckles; both the front and rear window were removed. All remaining wiring was removed and all sound deadening minus one piece that i still need to remove. It was time for the cage.

The caged was fabricated with Dom seamless 1.5 .095 steel. This cage allows me to run in any NASA, Formula D, Auto-x, or any form of spirited driving class which requirements a cage for competition. (Though at this rate it may never see the street)




So since the cage she has been sitting; giving me insomnia thinking about the build options over and over and over again. Though I have a pretty clear idea of her purpose, I tend to get side track some times.

Stay tuned for build updates as parts will be ordered and the main question will be answered;

s13 sr20det (built)
Kade-Turbo (built)
2jz (turbo upgrade)

once the heart is installed the soul will be revived.....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Modified Tuner Shoot 09

Well to start the day off; clouds had moved in Arizona late Friday night. Accordingly California had experienced rain a few times during the week and decided to send their clouds over to us. =(

It rained Friday night all over.... I thought the Modified Tuner Shoot Out event was going to be canceled. My street was flooded with water such as others.

Saturday arrives;
7am- still raining
8am- still raining
9am- raining off and on...

So I made a few calls to participants asking if they were still heading to the event. Some of which did, however with my street being as flooded as it was I could go no where.

Many hours at the event were missed. As you can see here \/ \/ \/ the rain effected everything Saturday. Including the drive to the tuner shoot out.

This new full size Nissan Titan spun out on the I-10 heading east (probably to the event) he crossed the guard rail and took out one of the infamous speed cameras.



heading to the track

The event was an all out track day!
Each race track was being utilize; from the main course to the far east and west courses, including the drift skid pad in between.

Unfortunately I was unable to get pictures of the different events. With arriving late and being caught up watching the racing myself.

So for modified Tuner shoot out pics check out

Very wet day


Drifter meeting to inform all the track will be shut down for a full hour



Photographers on hand

Drift Groupies on hand...

At least we know the world will never flood again... :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout 2009

As the week comes to a close Arizona is in suspense for Saturday April 11, 2009.

Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout!

Stay tuned for pics and event coverage held at
Firebird International Raceway...