Sunday, March 18, 2012


So I'm pretty stocked about this 510 project I have been reading about other projects both locally and across the US. There are so many different ways one is able to complete his or her 510 to standout among the typical tuner cars seen on the road. I have a few ideas brewing and a parts list growing. More updates to come for now a few pics of the virgin.

Progress on the track car...

Between a few cars and school haven't spent much time on the track car. There is an event on the 31st this month so I plan to get the car running this weekend. A few minor items remaining and we are in business.

not needed to drive but I definitively appreciate it; picked up my dash from Marc Bergeon find him on FaceBook, he knows his stuff!

checkout the before and after.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lake Tahoe for the weekend

A close friend of mine decided it was time to get out of town so we took the week off and traveled to his lake house in Tahoe California. The drive from Phoenix was approximately 11-13 hours, however time was not and issue with the view as beautiful as pictured. There are multiple resorts in which you may ski or snowboard. We hit both Homewood and Mount Rose; beautiful views of the lake and country side.


Mt. Rose

Thursday, March 8, 2012

its been a while

So it's defiantly been quite some time since I have found time to update all with the progress of the builds. I can say that I'm excited to have my life back in less than 8 weeks when school will be officially over!!! Yay. It's not often that I can come home and go straight to working on the car. In fact it never happens, soon though.

Lately the only time I have had to even think about the projects are on weekends. Even then full of homework and balancing life's regular activities and requirements leaves very little time to do what I would love to do.

To be more specific, my 97 s14 was painted. This is the car that was drive-able this time last year; 2011. Though it is the same car I have not found enough time to completely reassemble the automobile to make it drive-able once again. Soon though!

I cannot cry that I'm over busy the true issue is I lack multi-tasking skills. Therefore, I find it difficult to focus on more than one thing at a time. This weekend I could get the car running, however my focus is to hit the slopes one more time before summer hits. I will be testing and tuning my new boarding gear in preparation of more time on the slopes this fall.

So to catch you up to speed though you missed and the fun waiting around and low activity... Currently the "street car" is 95% complete but with a new attitude or look, you decide.

In addition to the "street car" I have purchased another kouki because I wanted it and had plans to make it a daily driver.

Side note... What really is a daily driver???? ummmm, would that be the beater Integra I drive to and from work daily? Is that the "street car" you plan to stunt with? Could that be the other Kouki which also has an SR in it? Or could that be the "track car" which has never see the track????........

TRUST ME! I KNOW! Too many cars can be a bad thing. Therefore I have decided to make it a good thing and buy another one.

Introducing the next project though the current projects aren't complete; my 1969 Datsun 510 Sedan.

I remember a year ago when I was searching for a Datsun 510 I could not find one for the life of me. A few weeks ago while sitting at work I decided to check the local Nissan Forum; I quickly realized a Datsun 510 posted for sale and purchased it within my lunch hour.

This one is defiantly going to be a long haul project for sure but fun and exciting at the same time. There are many was one may restore or update a classic car such as the 510. I figure emphasis on suspension and handling, with a clean sr swap, and fresh paint will do the job for me! In the meantime before spending more money I'll likely drop in the L20B motor set just to get the datto moving where I can focus on paint and body upgrades before dropping the loot.

A glimpse into the future with a little motivation of the potential outcome...