Sunday, October 31, 2010


spent the morning preping the cage for paint. Not bad for two dollar cans of primer and Arizona heat to bake it.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A day to do work....

Ran around all day starting at 8am though plans were to begin working on the track car early in the morning. Either way progress was in order this weekend, from yard work to driving all over town to prep for paint with the track car.

Today I focused on body prep; I had planned to primer the car to allow plenty time to wet sand once again before paint. Obviously that did not happen.

Previously I should have premiered my caged as soon as it was purchased from Full-Race. However that was not the case, but you live and learn. To clean the surface rust created from the rainy season I purchased scotch brite. I used the same method on the cage of soapy water and scotch brite as prepping the exterior of the car.

Much thanks to my buddy Karlo who helped with the entire meticulous task completed today.

After almost two years of sitting on the shell it feels good to see everything coming together...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back together

Last weekend we were honored by a visit from Brad and Mr. Teddy Phuthanhdanh ( to bring the Top Flight,AZ family back together again. What started out as a beautiful 80 degree sunshine and blue skies Saturday, ended with a 3 hour brunch hugs and high fives.

"Takin it back old school"

TF Boys rallied together Saturday at the Fire Bird Raceway to support local drivers in competition at the XDC-Xtreme Drift Circuit Phx,AZ. That is after a couple issues *cough* brad still running ka trying to pass emissions... *cough*

We all made it to the track; the lay out was very nice. Better than XDC Vegas with this super long high speed high power entry which reminded all of Red Bull World Championship at Port of Long Beach a year or two ago. I believe the entry speed topped out at 104 miles per hour at full lock! crazy fast.

At XDC Mike Burns, Joe Haven, and Vitaly Sopkin all repped Arizona to the fullest bringing heat Friday and Saturday: way to go! There were MANY fast cars on the track and some upsets to say the least concluding the event.

In all a beautiful weekend with enough tire smoke to motiviate Raymond to wrench on his car.

video found online (sick find bradd)

XDC Round 6 Finals-Phoenix, AZ from Corey Denomy on Vimeo.


Breakfast with the team.... Must repeat as soon as possible.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

back in the driver seat

quick update- sr swap was successful- currently running- need to find money and time to tune- local event less than a week away