Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dyno Time

I know many people have been waiting and requesting to see "numbers" on the new BorgWarner 67/58.

As you know everything comes with a price which includes dyno time.

Finally found time to spend to get to the dyno this week. Every time we tap into this new turbo it continues to amaze me!

First the incline of horse power is smooth but steady.

Second once the turbo hits 20psi it truly comes alive.

We didn't get to see much of the 20psi range as time was limited and the motor is stock, however when we watched the turbo hit 20psi the gain in instant horse power was phenomenal.

The true tuning isn't complete just yet, we will need more than an hour on the fine tune and truly tap into this new set up. The next step is to upgrade the external wastegate this week.

So far we are sitting at full boot at 3800 rpm creating 337whp & 302 lb/ft @ 14psi.

With a few changes we will definately realease dyno sheets soon.

XDC (Xtreme Drift Circuit) 2011

Last week Daniel and I were crazy busy trying prepare the s14 to show off the first BorgWarner 67/58 Sr20 Top Mount turbo kit at the XDC Round2 XDC / REMIX Car Show & Concert at the Firebird International Raceway.

What an awesome time!

Jared representing Team Top Flight "winning" *Charlie Sheen voice*

in the HardParking categorey of the Best JDM, thank you for entering *Alex Simpson*

Really the event was AWESOME all around; the drifting performance has risen to another level.

Congratulations to all the local drivers and especially George Marstanovic for bringing his A game!

Some pics of the fun we had at the event...

Jared, George, Damien, Alex, and Dionte

- XDC pics from local photographers -

Wheels are done

Seeking a little contrast for the daily driver I decided to remove the matte black finish and power coat the wheels.

Unfortunately I'm not very creative when it comes to colors etc., so I could not decide on the color to powder coat the wheels.

Therefore I decided on a polish finish.

Thanks again Rey for picking up and dropping off the wheels you were a huge help!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

EFR!.... the best thing yet....

Ahh... Can I say ahhhh what the heck happened the past two weeks!
The other day I was thinking and thinking about 2010... What have I accomplished in 2010, hmmmmm.

Exactly- Nothing! There's nothing that stands out to me when I think about last year. This year however is another story and even the past two weeks; WOW!

My memory is not the greatest but I will try to describe the past two weeks and the progress we have made.

Today is Friday April 22nd; the deadline I have been given to resubmit my taxes because they were rejected on Monday April 18th; the official tax day. This is the first year that I have procrastinated till the very last minute regarding taxes, but with so much on my mind you can see why.

Since the beginning of the year we have been working diligently on preparing the "track car" to finally hit the street. We're talking about paint, suspension, brakes, wiring, heart transplant, etc. you name it. Not to mention building two cars at the same time. That is two motor swaps, two sets of coil overs, two suspension packages, wire tucks, custom turbo kits, Cusco 2way diffs, custom exhaust, gauges, -AN fittings, you name it.

Now I have seen a few cars come together over night, however being crunch for time... All the time as a full-time father, full-time student, full-time employee, etc. balancing multiple hobbies and interest including auto motives, wrestling, long distance running, the gym, and spirituality; time is a very value asset I rarely see.

Finally allowing additional hands in the pot reaching out to longtime friends for assistance the building process has been much smoother.

Going back two weeks ago...

Track car is at Boost Junkyz and were considering plans of building the "right" turbo kit for the use of the car. Plan is the occasional drift events both local and neighboring states and they styling of driving I'm eager to engage in; time-attack. So with careful consideration and after reading many write ups and watching all the production videos we decided on the new BorgWarner Engineered For Racing (EFR) turbo. With plenty research and Full-Race's backing all lights were Go!

Once the decision was made the turbo arrived in less than a week, perfect timing. With the turbo in his has Daniel jump right on top and at that point assumed position as crew chief. Within less than one full week Daniel fabricated the manifold and down pipe.

With the hardest part completed the pressure grew, knowing this is "my" building meaning I am in charge of the funding I sat down to review what is needed to get this car on the road to show gratitude for those who helped with the progress.

Crunching numbers and parts needed... In my mind there was no way we could get the track car on the street and presentable within the time requested.

Up to-date; we are now at Wednesday April 13th about 8pm I arrive at the shop to check the progress of the master piece. Subconsciously knowing we’re currently underfunded and short on time to have the track car on the streets within the month; I presented the idea to bolt the kit to the street car.

Idea accepted... all is Go

Thursday night Daniel and I meet at the shop removing the 3076 top mount turbo kit less than one hour and a day ahead of schedule we leave the shop feeling accomplished. Now that the new EFR turbo kit is tested and sitting pretty on the street car we reconvene Friday after work to complete the final bolt, test, and tune.

Before meeting Friday evening I called Efrian at Suspicious Garage Friday afternoon with a last minute request to purchase the brake line relocation kit just in case the turbo sat too close to the master cylinder. Not only did he come through with the last minute request he also made a custom oil line and has no idea how much he helped out. See the standard Garrett turbos use a -3 oil feed line while the new EFR turbo' use -4 and after searching around all day Daniel was unable to find and adapter to make the previous top mount oil line work with the new kit. Thank you Suspicious Garage!

So kit is complete and all lines made fit like a dream. It is Friday night and now time to drive!

At start up car sounds fine, it maintains idle at 1000 rpm, no coolant leaks, no smoke, all signs point toward Go!

We hit the street at about 10pm; the first thing that comes to my mind is damn! That's a quick spool. Going from a t3 traditional ram horn style top mount feeding the 30R monster to now a t2 housing 67/58 there is a considerable difference in both spool and response.

First pull down the street the main difference noticed is the EFR never loses spool/boost. Now when you're driving and slightly accelerating but not truly accelerating for speed the turbo will spool and recirculate unused vacuum. Its trip at first was we are used to hearing the blow off valve between shifting gears or as we back off the accelerator. This internal bov or better known as the recirculating valve works 100% on its own. Talk about turbo efficiency!

On to the freeway pull I can definitely see a difference in power band compared to the 30r.

The EFR's power-band would be more comparable to a 2871 a smooth incline compared to the hit like a ton of bricks feeling generally larger turbo produce. IF we were forced to compare the BorgWarner to the Garrett series turbo I definitely recommend the BorgWarner EFR. This scenario of swapping turbo on the street car could not have played out more perfectly if it were a movie script. Previously I research the options of running a 2871 top mount turbo because I've always desired the spool/response since the departure with the coupe, but strayed away for a few reasons:

- The turbo inlet housing (clock) location caused and issue and though it had been done before it was a custom setup.
- The 2871 is rated up to 400hp and I definitely plan for more than 400 horse power.
- The 5 bolt exhaust housing...

The next option was purchasing a 3071 with is rated to up to 460hp. Therefore, I sacrificed turbo response for the best option at the time which allowed room to grow and a sufficient potential horse power rating of 500hp; GT3076.

Now driving the BorgWarner EFR 67/58 the street car has instant response about 3000 rpm or slightly sooner depending on acceleration. With the power-band of the comparable to the 2871 but the horsepower rating comparable to the 30R and a level of efficiency all alone I believe we made the best choice.

Not only is the turbo efficient in design but in cost as well. I recall purchasing my 30r for $1300, the 90 degree inlet extension $50-$100, purchasing the Tial blow off valve $260, and purchasing the Tial 44mm MVR wastegate $350. The cost quickly increases before you know it.

The BorgWarner is equipped with the internal wastegate and re-circulatory valve. Saving cost on an external gate and blow off valve the EFR series are already v-band turbos which come equipped with the boost solenoid which again saves money.

I'm excited to see the power band and actual horse power numbers on my street car hopefully next week. This has been an exciting journey with much more to come!

Stay tuned and we'll see shortly!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finally an update.... right... HOME Stretch

It's been a while since the last update; though I wish I had more time to dedicate like before it's just not there. So I try to make progress when I find time available. The current updates have had more hands in the pot than just mine. It's almost becoming a mini team build in a way. Ralph had helped me with painting the interior and engine bay when I had a week off of school. Now Daniel has blessed the track car with his special touch and one of the most important Fascist of the build.... Turbo kit.

I had used Daniel’s (Boost Junkyz-602-421-1504) services before and was thoroughly impressed with the turnaround time, superb quality, and straight and forward prices.

When I went to Daniel with the idea and opportunity he immediately jumped on board and said yes! Project mayhemwas 100% full go forward from there on, as soon as the turbo arrived the kit was complete start to finish within one week.

After much research we decide to go with the first BorgWarner 67/58 top mount SR20Det turbo kit for immediate turbo response, accessibility, and simplicity while every other Nissan is swapping Sr's for domestic lsx motor transplants, etc.

Not going to lie, if I had 12 thousand laying around I would also swap a lsx into the track car. However, I must live within my means. Not to mention the 67/58 is 500 horsepower capable with a spool and power band that will feel similar to the v8 minus the obnoxiously sound.

The new BorgWarner turbo only make sense.

The Engineered For Racing (EFR) turbine wheels are comprised primarily of titanium and aluminum with approximate 1:1 turbine: compressor weight ratio which dramatically improves turbo response.

Utilizing the t2 housing and proportionate runners there is no need for twin scroll.

The feature which attracted me the most is the convenience of the compressor bypass valve,boost control solenoid, and wastegate all combined within the turbo.

Before for EFR was released I had been researching options to clock the Garrett 3071 to position as a top mount set up. However, the options to do so seemed to drastic compared to the BorgWarner EFR. I would have had to purchase the turbo, purchase a Tail wastegate, and the Tail blow off valve.

The street car is running the same SR20Det swap as the track car with the 525hp rated Garrett 3076 top mount set up compared to the 500hp 58/67. At the end of the month I we're able to post dyno numbers to directly compare both set ups.

I'll try to update regularly as the build is now piecing itself together.